Stitches Midwest, 2013
Stitches Midwest, 2013

Hello, hello! Welcome to the LittleMount Yarn Co. blog — my new little corner of the internet!

My name is Madeline — I’m a 25 year old creative soul happily living in the Bluegrass of Kentucky, and I am the dyer and crafter behind the Etsy shop TheLittleMountYarnCo, (aka TLMYC). I recently graduated with my Masters degree and am beginning to navigate the illustrious “real world”.

I began knitting about 5 years ago thanks to a wonderfully patient college roommate.  After cursing and crying for a bit, I got the hang of the sticks and string, and we’ve been near inseparable ever since.  Over the past year or so, I have been playing with a stream of other crafty hobbies to see if anything else took.  Luckily, some things have.  🙂

In addition to my “typical” knitting endeavors, I also have a passion for dyeing yarn…


…creating unique stitch markers…


Teacup Stitch Markers

…as well as drinking tea, reading, binge watching BBC shows on Netflix…

…and many other things that we don’t have to get into right now. 😛

So what inspired TLMYC?  I’ve created The Little Mount Yarn Co. to combine my loves of writing, knitting, dying, & overall homemaking…to share some of my own crafting adventures…and hopefully get to know some of you in the process!  I’ve watched from the sidelines of the knitting community for many years now, but it’s time to join in.  Let’s have some fun, shall we?  🙂

Little visitor during my product photo shoot! (I hate bugs…why did I take this picture?)

Well…thank you very much for stopping by!  I’m very excited to begin this new journey!  I hope to update this page at least once a week with newly dyed colorways, things I’m working on, things I’m lusting after, book suggestions, pattern/yarn reviews, fun stories, and whatever else I can come up with to entertain and inform you all!

Like I said, I definitely don’t want this blog to be about just me…I welcome feedback, inputs, and interactions of all kinds!  (assuming they are positive…no one likes an internet bully…)  So please feel free to connect with me on any (or all!) of my many, many social media platforms.  (internet addict?  maybe…)  I can’t wait to get started, and I would love to hear from you ALL!

Until next time…happy crafting!





Connect with me!

Facebook: The Little Mount Yarn Co.

Twitter: LittleMountYarn

Ravelry: madelineg89

Instagram: littlemountyarnco

Email: thelittlemountyarnco@gmail.com





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