Stitch Markers, Shawls, & Stephanie Pearl McPhee

Hello!  Welcome back — a happy Wednesday to you!  Half the week is over, and Friday is on the way.  Yippee!  🙂

First off, I want to thank everyone for being so patient with me while I get everything finished, dyed, glued, what-have-you in order to get things up and running for TLMYC Etsy shop.  Turns out, selling on Etsy is harder than it looks…go figure.

So, just a quick update: Like I said, things are a little crazy with the shop right now as I’m doing a complete re-brand with TLMYC.  To give you all a little bit of a re-cap, for the past 6 months, my Etsy shop (previously under the name KnitKnacksbyMadeline) has carried hand-crafted stitch markers only.  Now that I am adding hand-dyed yarn, I wanted to completely overhaul it into an entire brand, with a blog, social media pages, nice photographs, etc.  This has proved to be a somewhat long and tedious process, but we’re nearing the end!  I plan to re-launch the shop and have everything up and running within the next week!  (Fingers crossed!)

Birds1Pearl Stitch Markers3

Currently, my life consists primarily of dying, rinsing, drying, reskeining, photographing, and editing on repeat.  (Not that I’m complaining!  So much fun is being had. : ) )  I’ve re-photographed all of my existing products as well, and I’m in the process of editing and posting all of those.  These should start appearing in the next few days, with the yarn coming shortly after…(I’ll keep you all updated).

So, enough shop talk.  (Ha.)  Let’s get on to the more interesting stuff…

What am I knitting — Last night I cast on my first project in weeks: Imagine When by Joji Locatelli.  I’m making this in KnitPicks Hawthorne, in the Mt. Tabor colorway.  (I used to live in an apartment complex called Mt. Tabor, so I found it appropriate.) This is a relatively new yarn — a fingering weight with a kettle-dyed look.  It’s a lovely blend of brown, teal, and olive green…which doesn’t sound like it would be pretty, but it is.  So far, I’m loving both the project and the yarn.

For those of you who don’t know, (which is probably all of you right now…), I am a SHAWL.LOVER.  Shawls are absolutely my faaaaavorite thing to knit.  I’m not exactly sure why, as I am generally baffled about how to wear them…but I just think they’re so lovely.  I’ve been in a knitting slump for the past couple weeks, but nothing like a good ol’ garter stitch shawl to get me out of it.  🙂  Good suggestions if you are also a cozy garter stitch shawl lover: Cameo and Bryum.

My 1st Cameo shawl…aka, my favorite thing of all the things I’ve knitted ever… So cozy.


rose gardengone girlWhat am I reading — Recently, I finished The Rose Garden, by Susanna Kearsley.  (If you’re a historical fiction nerd like I am, you should definitely give Ms. Kearsley a try.  Her book The Winter Sea owns my heart.)  The Rose Garden was similar to many of her previous works — she often writes dual-time period dramas — and read similarly; which is a really good thing when you find an author that you love.  This one didn’t ‘grab’ me like many of her others have, but I absolutely adored the ending so thumbs up from me!

Post The Rose Garden, I’m reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  Michael and Ann from the Books on the Nightstand Podcast raved about this thrilling mystery novel, so I designated it a must-read.  (You can read about/listen to what they have to say about Gone Girl here.  Also, if you’re a book lover, this podcast is a MUST!) Only about four chapters in, but already intrigued.  (PS, if you have a Goodreads account, connect with me!  I love stalking — I mean following — new reading friends!)

What I’m loving — Cruising the internet for new and lovely things is definitely in my top 5 favorite things to do, (under knitting and dying, but definitely above gardening). Here are some of the things I’m loving this week:

  • The beautiful new shawl pattern Flying Duchess by AMBAH is calling my name…I’m thinking this is a must knit for fall.
  • Tardis socks, Tardis socks, Tardis socks!  When will I find the perfect yarn to knit you?!  Faving my (hmm…) third Tardis sock pattern…no big deal.  But seriously, as soon as the perfect blue falls in my lap, Police Box Sox are going ON THE NEEDLES.  (Doctor Who flavored PLUS it’s a free pattern??  Bliss.)
  • Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting released a new pattern: the Sprig Cloche to match the Sprig Pullover from her new book Botanical Knits 2.  Beautiful work, as always.  Will be scouring the shelves for the perfect autumn orange to knit this one soon.
  • (Not so) patiently waiting for JK Rowling/”Robert Galbraith’s” new novel The Silkworm to come out in paperback.  I’m dying to read this one…but not really desperate enough to throw $30 at the brand new hardback copy just yet…  (I’m kind of cheap when it comes to books.  Amazon used books and the Barnes & Noble Marketplace all the way.)  I loved the first book of this series though, The Cuckoo’s Calling, so I’m excited to dive into this new one soon.
  • Gasped when I saw this beautiful photo…new colorway inspiration?
  • Loooove this cutie cutie Eleventh Doctor kitty!  Can I keep him??
  • Seriously laughed out loud at the Yarn Harlot’s “therapy session” with her socks.  We’ve all been on that vanilla sock slog, (I’m on it right now with a pair for my dad…man, he has big feet!)…Stephanie expresses these feelings so eloquently.  😛

What are you loving this week?



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