Antique Velvet

Here’s my favorite thing about dyeing…you can’t (hardly) mess up.  Color doesn’t come out the way you planned?  Congrats, you just created a new colorway!  My motto is: name it what it looks like & appreciate it for what it is.  Cause you really can’t go wrong.  (Okay, you can…but let’s pretend this is a perfect art form.)

Antique Velvet

This lovely little hand-dyed is one of the newest out of my dyepot.  It started it’s life as a skein of my ‘Tudor’ colorway, but came out too light & not saturated enough to be Tudor.  But you know what it does look like?  Antique Velvet.  Bam.

Antique Velvet will be in the shop soon, but in the meantime, I’m off to work on this:



Imagine When by Joji Locatelli

How are you spending your weekend?








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