Things I’m Loving This Week…

Personally, I believe it is a necessary pre-requisite that all bloggers also be blog readers…keeping up with other bloggers is essential to gaining ideas and connecting to the blogging community.  I happen to read several…waaaay to many to be considered “normal” and “not obsessed”…whatever that means.  😛  But I love the feeling of inspiration I get when I see what others are creating.

One of my favorite knitty/crafty/creative blogs is Knitted Bliss…and some of my favorite posts are her “Pin Up” posts, (example here).  So, taking a page from Julie’s blog book, (“purloining” if you will…a la Knitmore Girls), here are a few things I’m loving this week:

Kelly Brown Photographer wedding photographer Victoria, British Columbia

I’m totally inspired by this beautifully creative home office space…showing off your current ideas is the perfect way to maintain your creative inspiration.  Makes me long for a ‘real’ home office of my own!


I’ve officially decided on this as my next crafty DIY — super simple & adorable DIY letter idea.  This would be perfect to commemorate road trips or favorite vacation destinations.  (For me: Charleston, SC)

Deep End

A week would not truly be complete unless I found a new shawl pattern to drool over.  Have you seen Deep End?  It’s the most perfect combination of all of the knitty things I love most: cozy shawls, garter stitch, and beautiful bright colors.  #queued

Fall Decor


Seriously getting excited for the upcoming autumn season…and seeing things like this pop up on my Pinterest page is not helping me be patient!

dill vinegar

My garden is producing an enormous amount of dill & other fresh herbs.  As I don’t cook enough to really make the most of them, I’m going to try this easy-peasy dill vinegar recipe to spice up my favorite salads.  (Seriously…so easy.)

What are you loving this week?










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