Wandering, But Not Lost…

Y’all, I’ve got a confession…I’ve been holding out on you all just a bit…  While I’ve been knitting and dyeing and blogging away, I have neglected to tell you that…I’m going to Peru!  In fact, exactly one week from right now, I will be boarding a plane and heading down to South America for the trip of a lifetime.  I’m dancing with excitement.  🙂
Though I promise to keep this space primarily dedicated to knitting and other fiber related activities, I may just have to slip in some travel posts here & there over the next few weeks…I hope that’s okay.  😉
I’ve been an avid traveler for most of my life — Germany?  Check.  Italy?  Check.  England?  Scotland?  Ireland?  Check, check, & check.  I make plans to travel as often as I can and, so far, I’ve loved every place I’ve ever been.  But honestly…I never thought I’d be lucky enough to see a place like Peru.  But thanks to the inspiration of others in the blogosphere, (and a little parental assistance…thanks Mom & Dad!), I’m going.  And now that one of my bucket list dreams is coming true, I think it’s only fair that I share the experience.  🙂

During my time planning and packing for this trip, I can’t help but be excited about all of the wonderful knitted items — and hopefully yarn! — that I am destined to see.  I know relatively little about the Peruvian culture, but as I’m doing research and preparing for my trip, I cannot help but think that there is almost no place in the world better suited for a knitter than Peru!  (Ireland may be in that running…but it’s a close race.)


But seriously, look at these pics & tell me you don’t agree:


Peru Knits1


Peru Knits2




Peru Knits5


Peru Knits7


The intarsia!  The colors!  The alpacas!  Oh my!  I dare you to tell me Peru isn’t a knitter’s dream.


Peru Knits3


Peru has one of the richest fiber and textile histories in the world.  Even today, pick up any wool yarn off of the shelf, and there’s a good chance it will say ‘Made in Peru’.  From spinning to knitting to weaving, Peruvians have been working with fiber for almost 10,000 years.

Walking through a Peruvian market will reveal countless hand-knitted souvenirs; llamas and alpacas knitted onto hats and mittens…vibrant, detailed colorwork sweaters…traditional knitted items that only a handful of knitters have mastered.

According to the Peruvian Connection:  “Hand-knitting blends in beautifully with daily life in the Andes…as such, hand knitting is not only an art form in the Andes, it contributes to the preservation of native culture.  The knitters knit on fine-gauge needles, changing colors and stitches several times each row. It [is] an extremely laborious process, but it ensures the durability and lifelong enjoyment of these heirloom garments.”  Clearly, the superbly talented Peruvian knitters have made their work into a true art form.

(Check out Mary Jane Mucklestone’s write up about her trip to Peru for Twist Collective to read more!)

Overall, I’m thrilled to be able to tour this country and experience it’s plethora of knitting culture.  And, I’m excited to share with you all that I discover!  🙂  Here on the blog, there will be regular scheduled posts (not necessarily Peruvian themed)…so keep following along!  But if you’d like to keep up with my travel adventures, follow me on Instagram for more regular updates.

(PS: Interested in taking a Peru trip of your own?  Check out Cat Bordhi’s Knitting Tours of Peru!)























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