Andean Knits

One of the greatest thing about living in today’s modern “technology saturated” world is the ease at which we now have access to different places and cultures all around the world.  Even if you never visit a place in your life, you can learn about and experience different parts of its culture thanks to today’s technology.  This is especially true for knitters as we can re-create traditional knitwear from anywhere around the world without leaving the comfort of our living room.

As I’m on my way to Peru in a little less than a week, I’ve been particularly inspired by the colors and patterns of traditional Andean knitwear.  (In fact, I’m so inspired by the colorful, unique style of Peruvian knitwear, I may have an Andean pattern or two in the works…but more on that later…)  Even though you’re not going with me, (I checked my suitcase & there’s not enough room…sorry), here are some Andean-themed pattern suggestions to bring this unique culture a little closer to home:

Peruvian Collage

(From left to right/top to bottom)

  • These Andean Inspired Socks are slightly minimalist, with a small colorwork band of Peruvian style decorating the top of each sock.  The tie accent replacing a traditional ribbed cuff would make these socks a uniquely perfect fit!
  • Re-create a truly authentic Andean feel with this CCatca Cap or this Blossoms Chullo hat — the detailed colorwork and color combinations of these two hats is the perfect recipe for traditional Peruvian knitwear.
  • Don’t you love having an alpaca themed knitted bag?  Oh, you don’t have one?  No problem: Bolsa de Atacama.  Who doesn’t need one of these?  (Answer: no one)
  • Maybe you want something a little simpler…just a warm accessory with a little Peruvian flair.  If so, the Embudito Canyon Mitts are for you!  Soft, warm, worsted mittens can provide some instant Peruvian gratification to your wardrobe.  (Just in time for August!  Huzzah!  😛 )
  • More ambitious knitters take note of the Chuncho and Pisqu socks for your next project.  These colorwork socks yield beautiful results, but are a wee bit involved…beginner knitters beware!
  • It may be the middle of summer in the US, but it’s winter in Peru!  Celebrate vicariously with a Retro Andean Pullover or Andean Winter Poncho.
  • (Don’t have the time or energy to knit these items for yourself?  Then check out sites like emiLime or Indigenous.  These online shops collaborate directly with artisans and farmers in Peru to source their materials.)

**Note: I was not compensated in any way for this post.  These are my own personal finds and opinions.**

Which pattern are you going to choose?



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