For the Love of Podcasts…

NOTE: This is a scheduled post to be released while I am in Peru — I will be out of the country and unavailable until August 10th.  (Additionally, my Etsy shop will be in ‘vacation’ mode until I return.)  If you’d like to contact me, feel free to email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I am back Stateside!  Also, if you would like to see pictures and updates from my trip, follow me on Instagram: thelittlemountyarnco.  Talk to you soon!  🙂

When I first began knitting, I had only one knitting friend — my roommate, who initially introduced me to knitting and taught me the basics.  She showed me the magic of Ravelry, sufficiently got me addicted to the craft, and then left me hanging, (after a mere 3 months), to navigate the knitting world all on my own…  (She graduated and moved away…not really her fault.  😛 )

At this point, with a limited understanding of the art of knitting, my skills halted and remained relatively stagnant for about a year or so…until I discovered the existence of a wonderful thing: knitting podcasts.

If you have never listened to podcasts before, they are essentially a pre-recorded live blog/radio show that anyone can record and post for others to download.  They can be in video or just audio formats, are free to download, and can be downloaded through iTunes, or several other podcast applications, to listen to (or watch) on your phone/iPod/etc.  Podcasts are usually released on some sort of regular schedule — often weekly or bi-weekly — and center around a specific topic of discussion.  The topics that are covered by podcasts are numerous…  There are craft podcasts, literature podcasts, podcasts about TV show, podcasts about movies, podcasts about fandoms, podcasts where the hosts read classic books, podcasts where you are given financial advice, tutorial podcasts…I challenge you to find a popular topic of discussion that there isn’t a podcast about, because I bet you can’t!

My personal favorite podcasts are knitting related, (obviously).  Knitting podcasts remind me that I’m not crazy…there are others in this world that are as down-right obsessed with yarn and needles as I am.  😉  (Some are even more crazy about it than me!  Imagine!)  It was love at first download.

Once I discovered knitting podcasts and began listening regularly, my understanding of the knitting world; my knowledge of different designers, yarns, patterns, techniques, etc.; and my own personal skills grew exponentially.  It’s amazing what simple knowledge can do for human growth.

So for those of you who are not familiar with the plethora of fantastic knitting podcasts out there, or those who simply want podcast recommendations, here are some of my favorites…

Podcast Collage2

Madeline’s Top 5 Favorite Knitting Podcasts:

  1. The Knitmore Girls Podcast:
    For those of you who do already listen to podcasts, you probably have already heard of the Knitmore Girls.  They are the darlings of the knitting podcast community.  This podcast is hosted by mother-daughter pair Jasmin and Gigi, and they are fantastic.  I am always psyched to see a new Knitmore Girls episode show up in my podcast queue — it’s like sitting down with a couple of friends.  🙂
  2. The Commuter Knitter Podcast:
    Another podcaster that I feel like I’m friends with in real life, (even though she only knows me about *this* much from Instagram…), is Jen from the Commuter Knitter Podcast.  Jen hosts an audio podcast that she records while she commutes over 2 hours EACH WAY to work everyday.  Whew!  Makes me tired just thinking about it!  😛 Jen hosts a friendly, very laid back podcast — just friends chatting away about knitting and how dog-gone great it is, (and by friends, I mean she & I…oh, she can’t hear me?  Darn.).
  3. The Down Cellar Studio Podcast:
    Another podcasting Jen — Jen from the Down Cellar Studio Podcast — offers another outstanding audio podcast where she discusses not only knitting, but other crafty endeavors, inspirational quotes & stories, and photography tips as well.  Each episode is over an hour long and chock full of interesting and useful content.  Want to learn something new?  Listen to the Down Cellar Studio Podcast.
  4. The Never Not Knitting Podcast:
    NNK is actually the first podcast I ever discovered, so it obviously has to grace this list.  When I first found it, I listed to every released episode, one after the other, until I was completely caught up.  The NNK podcast is another audio podcast, and is hosted by knitwear designer Alana Dakos.  In addition to all of the great knitting info, at the end of each episode, Alana airs a personal knitting story from a listener, which offers a unique, personal look into the world of knitters…(i.e., don’t feel too bad — you’re actually NOT the only person who has accidentally let your cat make a litter box out of your newly knitted sweater.)
  5. The 2 Knit Lit Chicks Podcast:
    This podcast is a recent addition to my iPhone, but an instant favorite.  Hosted by another mother-daughter pair, Barb & Tracie, this audio podcast encompasses not only excellent knitting content, but lots of talk about my own second great love…reading!  Barb and Tracie read an insane amount of books — seriously, where do you all find the time??  — and listeners of their podcast definitely benefit from their great reviews and recommendations.

And since the race for my top 5 was a photo finish (shout out to KY!)…here are some other really, really good knitting podcasts that you should check out:

Do you listen to podcasts?  Which ones are your favorites?



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