Things I’m Loving This Week: Part 2

Hello hello!  I’m so glad to be posting *live* again after so long!  I hope you all enjoyed my scheduled updates — I honestly really enjoyed putting them together!  🙂  As far as my trip to Peru…let me tell you, it was unbelievable.  I have lots of pictures, stories, and adventures from my trip to share with you all soon, but while I’m putting all of that together…let’s look at pretty things.

Due to lack of reliable internet while in South America, I really missed my daily internet browsing time.  (Oh, the things we take for granted…)  But I’m making up for it now that I’m back!  Here are some things I’m loving this week:

1. These beautiful hand-knit pumpkins are killing me with cuteness!  What a perfect little fall decoration for a knitter’s house!  Now to find the pattern so I can make some for myself…


2.  If you know me in real life, you know that I have an unabashed love for Grumpy Cat.  I think she is the most adorable thing…and this Grumpy Cat mug perfectly sums up my opinions about getting out of bed every morning.  : P

Grumpy Cat

3.  Once again, not an internet browsing session goes by that I do not find a knitting pattern I love!  This one is the Kaweah Hat by Veronica Parsons.  It’s everything I love in a knitted hat…simple, cabled, textured, slouchy, and — most importantly — pom-pom inclusive!  Oh, and did I mention it’s a FREE pattern on Ravelry??  Excuse me while I go cast this on right now……..

Kaweah Hat

Okay, I’m back….moving on.

4.  If I had a bedroom to decorate right this minute, you can bet I’d be decorating like this.  A neat idea for decorating on a budget, I love the mix of neutrals with a pop of bright color for interest.  (Especially hot pink…bring on the hot pink!)


5. Last, but definitely not least, I’ve got a hankering for a new sewing project.  (If you’re not from the South, or are unfamiliar with our unique vernacular — *say that five times fast* — a ‘hankering’ is kind of like a craving…but not necessarily for food.  Something you really want to do right now.  You know what I mean.)  Anyway.  This one-hour weekender bag tutorial hits the spot.  I’m a sucker for weekender bags.  (Though I’m pretty sure this one would take me a LOT more than an hour to make…  #amateur)


Bonus:  I’m sure you’ve heard already about the passing of actor Robin Williams.  (You’re probably getting tired of hearing about it at this point.)  But as a child who grew up watching William’s in his prime, I am especially sad about the loss of this great actor.  So, just a quick tribute to one of my long-time-favorite actors…Mr. Williams, thanks for the laughs.


What are you loving this week?



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