Small Town America Festival

Hometowns are very easy to take for granted, have you noticed?  Especially when you’re raised in a small town where “everybody knows everybody” and things move a little bit slower.  As a kid, this can be a great thing…but once you reach high school, living in a place where the movie theater is hottest place to hang out — (because it’s the ONLY place to hang out…other than the Super Walmart…) — it gets a little old.  Now that I have lived away for several years and seen more of the world than I could have previously imagined, it’s much easier to see the good things about small, rural hometowns.  Spending some time in my own town, located in the Bluegrass region of rural Kentucky, I’m trying to observe and experience all of the eccentricities found here — and I’m loving every minute of it.  🙂

Over this past weekend, my hometown hosted a Small Town America Festival.  A street fair in our town square celebrating the uniqueness of our little town.  If you’ve never visited this area before — and even if you have — I thought I’d take you on a little tour.

Welcome to Small Town America!

See the man smiling for my photo? I love how friendly small town Southern people are. 🙂
It may have been a cloudy day, but the heat did NOT let up… Dog days of summer, right?

Though this was a small festival — only taking up about two blocks of the main town square — there were lots of wonderful craft products to peruse.  Quintessentially small town, you can absolutely see the time, effort, and love that these people have put into their products.  As a passionate crafter myself, I can definitely relate, and I have a great appreciation for all things hand-made.  Though knitting is less popular here than sewing/quilting, it was great to walk around and see how many other creative people live in this wonderful little town.

Here’s a little sample of the creativity of small town America:


Sometimes I wonder why burlap is still a popular trend…but then I see adorable things like these, and I know longer wonder.  Makes me kind of sad that summer is almost over and I can’t make proper use of these whimsical little pillows.  But not to worry!  Every season is a perfect season for burlap.

And basketball season, of course! This is Kentucky after all… 😉

True to any craft fair, there were knitters to be found.  Well, A knitter.  This young lady was busy knitting up a storm right at her booth, selling items to benefit CSI Ministries.  (Not familiar with this one myself, but I’m always supportive of knitting for a cause!)

Looks like there’s some arm-knitting going on over here as well. Has anyone ever tried arm-knitting?


Anyone need a housewarming gift?  I think these were metal decorations for potted plants…but I can’t honestly be sure…  Ha!  Still, they were very neat.


And, last but not least — my favorite booth/item of the festival…faux-quilted ornaments.  The ladies at this booth were beyond friendly and happy to talk all about their sewing endeavors…though these weren’t actually sewn, as I first believed.  Actually, each one of these little ornaments has 250 pins hidden inside!  Incredibly detailed work.  I couldn’t resist one of the adorable Halloween ones.  (Is it weird to have a Halloween ornament?  Oh well…)


The orange & purple one insisted on coming home with me. : P

Well, that’s only a sample of the great things being made in the middle of rural Kentucky.  Though this place is often stereotyped and under appreciated, I can attest that it is a gem of a place.  The people are friendly, the landscape is beautiful, and creativity is alive and well.  🙂

Have you visited small town America?



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