Crafting Dangerously


Allow me to make a quick introduction.  These skeins right here?  This is my new favorite color way of all time.  Oh, and did I mention, I DYED THEM.  I’m ridiculously proud of myself right now.  : P  These I created on a whim.  I was trying out some new dye colors I had just received, using a new dyeing technique, on a new yarn base.  And wouldn’t you know, it turned out like this.


Seriously, I’m in love.  You can probably tell by now that one of my favorite TV shows is the BBC’s Doctor Who.  (Did you see the Season 8 premiere??  YAY!)  If you watch the show, you will hopefully appreciate this color way as well.  This yarn is dyed to mimic Van Gogh’s “Exploding TARDIS” painting from Season 5.  (see below)

SOURCE (Exploding TARDIS Poster)

What do you think?  Currently, there are two of these listed in my Etsy shop, and more on the way!  Possibly in a sparkle base…  (spoilers!  😉 )  Also,  listeners of the Commuter Knitter Podcast keep a lookout — I just sent a skein of this to Jen for a podcast giveaway soon!

As excited as I am for these new skeins, this is only a portion of the crafting I’ve been doing over the past week.  For the past few days, I’ve been working away at — of all things — sewing!  I’ve always had a mild interest with sewing, but since I got back from Peru, I’ve been completely obsessed.  I’m at my sewing machine so much, my back is hurting from hunching over…I’m even dreaming about it!  I’m a woman inspired.



These preppy little bags are made from printed duck that I got at Hobby Lobby.  If you’re not a sewer, duck is thicker than regular fabric, and is good for more durable projects.  There’s also a small lining of fleece interfacing to give these some additional structure.  As you can see, I’ve made three sizes so far — sweater, shawl, and sock.  And they’re all currently in use.  🙂

Not only have I been working on “regular” everyday project bags, but I’ve churned out a few little seasonal projects as well…


I’ve heard before of the fabled enabling powers of Instagram, and now I am a believer!  After seeing other crafter’s posts of adorable Halloween projects bags and quilts, I could not rest until I made some for myself.  This bag is the first of the many Halloween projects I have made/hope to make over the next couple of weeks. ( I’ve also got a Halloween quilt in the works as well!)


Now that I’ve got some patterns and skills under my belt, I’m planning on adding some of these adorable project bags to my Etsy shop soon!  Keep an eye out if you’re interested!  🙂

Well, (thankfully) it doesn’t seem like my recent bout of creative inspiration is going anywhere anytime soon — and a new shipment of undyed yarn just came in!– soooooo back to the dye-pot and sewing machine I go!

What are you crafting on this week?



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