New Skeins on the Block

Hello??  Anybody out there…?  Shew, I am so sorry all TLMYC blog readers…I have been such a terrible blogger over the past couple of weeks!  I won’t go into the details of why I’ve been away, but let’s just say using the term “busy” to describe my recent life would be an understatement…  (Busy in such a good way, though it has been exhausting…)  If you’re still around after my hiatus, I thank you.  Life happens, right?  But I promise to do better in the future.

Anyway, what have I been up to that’s kept me away for so long?  Well, in just a few words, I have been invited to participate in a Christmas craft/gift show at a local-to-me boutique!  I’m thrilled to be able to participate, but I’ve been crafting like a lunatic in order to get ready.  (Not to mention eating, sleeping, and my day job…)  Also keeping me up at night, I’ve been dyeing like crazy!  A week or so ago, I realized that I was doing so well in my Etsy sales, that I was quickly running low on inventory and needed to rectify that STAT!   (Thank you wonderful TLMYC patrons for this awesome problem!!  🙂 )  So I went on a bit of a spree…got a new yarn base (hello Comfy DK!), fulfilled a few custom orders, and launched into some brand spankin’ new colorways.  Would you like to see?


Starting in on the winter (but not Christmas) themed colors, first I created ‘Evergreen’ and ‘Snowy Pine’…  These turned out beautiful, with ‘Snowy Pine’ being shades of spruce green on a white base, and ‘Evergreen’ a lovely, deep tonal green.



‘Snowy Pine’ on Wanderer Sock


‘Evergreen’ on Glitter Sock

Also, some of my favorites of these batches, I created a couple of new “splashy” color ways to accompany ‘Seaweed’ , including ‘Berry Sundae’, ‘Ember’, ‘Grapeness’, and (an unexpected one) ‘Clown Car’!


‘Berry Sundae’ on Wanderer Sock


Ember’ on Wanderer Sock


‘Grapeness’ on Wanderer Sock


‘Clown Car’ on Wanderer Sock

Last, I experimented with a couple new tonals…’Desert Rose’ and ‘Horizon’.  These two are actually somewhat similar — shades of red, pink, and some orange — however, they are different enough to merit differing names.  ‘Desert Rose’ involves more shades of pink, whereas ‘Horizon’ has more of an orange-ish hue.  I call them my fraternal twins.  😛  Different, but both lovely.  (“They’re not the same, they’re similar….”  Gosh.  Ha!)


‘Desert Rose’ on Glitter Sock


‘Horizon’ on Glitter Sock

In addition to these new-kids-on-the-block, I’ve also dyed up and listed some oldies-but-goodies on my new base: Comfy DK!  The ones currently listed are ‘Police Box’, “Bowties are Cool’, and ‘Exploding TARDIS’.

So, clearly I’ve been hitting the dyepot hard over the last couple of weeks…  I mean, I feel like I have.  Whew!  Very happy with (most) of my outcomes, though.  🙂  Most of these new colors were created as experiments to see if I could come up with some new regular colorways to feature.  The only ones I’ve so far decided to keep as regulars are ‘Berry Sundae’, ‘Desert Rose’, ‘Snowy Pine’, and ‘Evergreen’, therefore, many of these are OOAK skeins that will likely not be repeated…so if you see one you like, grab it quick!  😉

Well…that’s just about the extent of my dyeing update for, oh, probably a while…(not.)  I’d love to tell you that I’m a machine and, in addition to dyeing all of these and getting ready for the craft show, I’ve also knit up 5 pairs of socks, 3 hats, and a sweater, but alas…that is not the case….  The state of my knitting right now…?


Left: Vanilla Latte Socks in TLMYC’s ‘Sanderson Sisters’ Glitter Sock

Right: 6×2 ribbed socks in KnitsomniacDesign’s ‘It’s a Dead Man’s Party’ Sparkle Sock

Both of these are Halloween colorways, and first socks…..let’s just say I failed Socktober.  (womp womp)  But oh well!  Plenty of time to knit during winter, right?  Well, that’s what I’ve been up to lately!  Again, so sorry for the absence, but thanks for stopping by…and please let me know what you think of my new colorways in the comments!  🙂

What are your current crafty endeavors?


Outside Inspiration

Sometimes when I’m at the dye-pot, I can’t hardly move fast enough because of all of the colorway ideas I’m bouncing around.  But other times…I need a little bit of help.  I’m sure many of you out there are just as obsessed with Pinterest as I am.  (Be honest.  No judgement.)  While a lot of time is wasted around the world on this most addictive website, Pinterest is actually a pretty useful tool sometimes.  When dyeing, I use Pinterest quite a bit to get ideas about what colors might go together well, colors I might not have thought of, and general inspiration for new colorways.  Here is an example of what I mean:




1. This gentle mix of light blue, white, orchid, dark pink, and green would make a beautiful spring colorway.


2. From this photo, I’m picturing a rich, vibrant tonal of blues: pale, almost white all the way to deep navy, with just the slightest hint of aqua green.


3. A summer color — light & dark aqua/teal with bits of pale sky blue and white.  Gorgeous.



4. A little less typical than paintings or photos, but anything can be color inspiration!  In this I see a color of bright yellow & teal (obviously), with possibly some white and even a light brown.


5. This one is a little bit more unexpected, but would make for a wonderful, bright sunset colorway.  I see pink, purple, yellow, orange, blue, green, and black.  Perhaps a striping colorway?

Finding external inspiration is actually something I’ve struggled with as I’ve become a more prolific creator.  Can I really say I’m creative if I got the idea for a colorway from a photo or piece of art?  Obviously, the answer is unequivocally yes.  Being creative doesn’t mean that everything you make has to come directly from your brain.  Creative people constantly look for bits of inspiration around them to feed their creative process.  Anything you make is a product of your creativity…regardless of what or who gave you the idea.

Yarn dyeing is such a unique process, yet definitely a creative one.  Sometimes the colorway inspiration comes first, and sometimes I just let my creativity go wild and figure out what the color resembles later.  Both ways are correct.  All that matters is that I’m making.

Where do you get your creative inspiration?





Author’s Note: All photos from  I was not compensated for this post — Pinterest is simply a tool used to assist my creative process.

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Halloween Hermiones



Whew!  Finally we have a new FO!  It feels like it’s been months…  Guess that’s what happens when you cast on ALL THE THINGS.  Ha!

I’m pretty much an inexplicable sock knitter.  Based on my knitting personality, I should hate knitting socks.  (i.e., I am generally a product-knitter, and socks are on such teeny-tiny needles so they take foreeeeeever…)  But I’m addicted…go figure.




Hand-made teapot sock blockers from Purrfectly Catchy Designs — purchased at Stitches Midwest 2013

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably heard more than enough about these socks…  They’re knit out of my own hand-dyed yarn — Wanderer Sock in the ‘Sweet Treat’ candy corn colorway.  A few weeks ago I was Jones-ing for a pair of Halloween socks, and this yarn fit the bill perfectly.

This pair, as you may be able to tell, was knit using the Hermione’s Everyday Sock pattern.  (Hence the name Halloween Hermiones.)  I’ve made three pairs so far and would recommend this pattern to any sock knitter (newbie or otherwise) that doesn’t want to have to think too much while knitting…they’re quick and easy, yet still interesting.  (Plus I love Harry Potter, so…  😛 )  I was so excited about finishing these that I didn’t even get any FO objects before they were worn…(these photos were taken after washing/drying.)

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 2.35.46 PM

Photo from Instagram

They’ve been finished for about five days and I’ve already worn them several times and washed/dryed them.  (I was thrilled with how well the color held in the washer — I’m paranoid when it comes to machine washing knits…even if they’re super wash.)

(P.S. A quick little plug for my TLMYC Etsy shop — if you’re interested in making some Halloween Hermiones for yourself, my Wanderer Sock ‘Sweet Treat’ yarn is on sale until October 31.  No coupon necessary!)

I can tell already that these are going to get a looooot of love this fall and winter.  🙂  Onto the next pair!

What’s your favorite sock pattern?


I Take it Back

Well, after overwhelming opposition to my negative opinion of my “oops” skein (from last post as well as Instagram), I decided not to over-dye.  Looking at it Sunday morning with fresh eyes…I may have been wrong to judge it so harshly initially.  I broke my own rule — appreciate it for what it is.

So now, my ‘Oops’ color-way has been re-skeined, and has a new name…say hello to ‘Celestial‘.


Upon second glance, I can see what everyone is talking about.  The weird mix of jewel-tone colors over-layed with black does give this yarn a beautiful, space-like appearance — an effect that is enhanced even more by the sparkle in the yarn, (difficult to see in photo…).

I now officially renounce and retract my initial criticism…this is a gorgeous yarn.  🙂

In addition to this new one-of-a-kind beauty, I’ve also got several other new color-way experiments from this weekend that went waaaay right.


Anna‘ — Wanderer Sock


Sanderson Sisters‘ — Glitter Sock

I have to say, as much as I love Frozen, I’m just giddy about how ‘Sanderson Sisters’ turned out.  I’m a 90s kid fo sho, and Hocus Pocus remains to this day one of my favorite Halloween movies.  (I’ve watched it three times already this year.  Shhh….)

Every once in a while, I get a little burdened by hand-dyeing yarn…  It is a pretty high-maintenance process.  But this past weekend, I had so much fun with it.  I can’t wait to dye another batch.  🙂

What have you made recently?


Sometimes You Get it Wrong…

Remember when I said that dyeing is an art form you almost can’t mess up?  Yeah, that ‘almost’ kicked me right in the pants this week…..

I really like experimenting with dyeing.  Trying interesting combinations often comes out with beautiful, interesting results.  But experimenting is not without risks…  Case in point:



This yarn was dyed with the leftover bits from yesterday’s dyeing session.  It’s made up of various jewel tones, mixed with black and pops of white, and is dyed on my Glitter Sock base.  (I won’t even tell you what I was going for…you’d laugh.  Ha!)  It’s definitely very interesting, and part of me kinda likes it.  But, let’s be honest…it ain’t cute.  I’m calling this my ‘Oops’ color way.  😛  (Thankfully, the other seven skeins I dyed yesterday turned out beautifully, with some *new* color-ways in the mix!)

Weird as it sounds, I’m kind of glad for this result.  Hey, if you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t learning…right?  This will be a great lesson in over-dyeing and expanding my “color vision.”  I’m gonna toss this one back in the pot today and over-dye with black.  With the sparkle of the yarn, I actually have high hopes for the ultimate result.  We’ll see!

So, now that we’ve discussed my newest “oops”, let’s talk about some things I’m loving this week.

What I’m stalking/buying…

  • Really enjoying seeing all of the posts on the Commuter Knitter TLMYC Giveaway thread on Ravelry!  It’s very informative to see the opinions of my (potential) buyers.  [If you’re a CK listener and haven’t entered the giveaway yet, make sure to get your entry in before October 7!]
  • Drooling over Bethany’s new Lopapeysa cardigan!  (Bethany blogs over at prettylittlefiberco and always has the most amazing photos of her FOs.)  I have anxiety just thinking about steeking, though, so a sweater like this will not be happening in my life anytime soon….
  • Itching to cast on with my newest sock stash acquisition: It’s a Dead Man’s Party.  (Yes, I have a separate stash for sock yarn…what of it?)  Halloween, come to me.
  • Thanks to the enabling of Ashley of NomadicYarns (ashiepoo22 on Instagram), this awesome Hocus Pocus t-shirt is now making its way to my house!

What I’m watching:

  • CRIMINAL MINDS!  How did I not know about this show before?!  I’m hooked.  Thank you, Netflix!  (9 seasons streaming now!)
  • Doctor Who — who else is SUPER terrified/excited for tonight’s episode?!
  • Outlander…’nough said.

What I’m reading:

  • Switching Time by Richard Baer.  This is the thrilling, touching story of a woman who was abused so terribly as a child that she created 17 different personalities in order to cope.  It’s entirely fascinating and I can’t put it down…

What have you been loving this week?


WIP Wednesday

So, for a knitting blog, it’s kinda been a while since I’ve really talked about knitting…  Let’s fix that.  

But before we get into what I’ve got on the needles, I want to say a quick thank you to Jen of the Commuter Knitter Podcast!  A couple of weeks ago, I sent Jen some of my Wanderer Sock yarn in my Exploding TARDIS color-way for her to try out, and she has given me a lovely review on her newest episode!


 If you’re a knitter and podcast listener and haven’t listened to Commuter Knitter yet, I HIGHLY suggest that you do.  It’s one of my most favorites.  I especially suggest you listen to Episode 78 though…there may be a giveaway and TLMYC coupon code as well!  🙂


Now let’s get into knitting…

Last I updated you on my own personal knitting, I had just finished my Imagine When shawl.  But what have I been working on since then?  Not surprisingly…too many things…  

Project #1:  My main project right now, which I’ve mentioned only briefly, is the Essential Cardigan by Hannah Fettig.  Having such a quantity of luscious alpaca yarn from my trip to Peru, (highlighted in this post), I knew I had to get a sweater on the needles.


Even though I’ve been a serious knitter for about 5 years, this is actually my first adult sweater project.  (Eek!!)  I’ve always felt that sweaters were too big of a commitment…  “What if I mess up?  What if it doesn’t fit??  Plus, buying that much yarn at one time is super expensive…  No thanks, I’ll stick to socks.”  However, I’ve taken the plunge…and as anxious as I had been about the process, it seems to be going pretty well.  Not really much more complex than any other project…  (All of you seasoned sweater knitters say it together: DUH!  :P)


At this point, I’m past the raglan increases and dividing for the sleeves, and now I’m just knitting down the body with minimal waist shaping.  Easy peasy.  I can’t wait for this to be finished so I can cuddle in it!

Project #2: For those of you who are already Outlander fans, this is not news…  (For those that aren’t (yet) fans of the series…get on that.)  Currently, to celebrate the premiere of the Outlander TV series on Starz, several podcasters have gotten together to host an Outlander KAL (aka #kiltmenowKAL).  Being a huge Jamie Fraser fan myself, I knew I had to participate in this one…so, I cast on another Outlander Cowl by Andee Fagan.


Outlander Cowl project in its cozy Halloweenie bag.  (PS: it’s twin is listed in my Etsy shop!)

I’ve made this cowl once before a few months ago but this pattern is so potato-chippy, that as soon as I cast off the first one, I wanted to cast on another.  (THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ME.)  Though I didn’t cast another one of these cozy cowls on immediately, I jumped at this KAL as a reason to make another.


As you can see, I’m not very far into it yet…I pretty much only work on it when I watch Outlander.  But I definitely like how it’s turning out.  This one is being made from one skein of KnitPicks Stroll Fingering in the color way Inkwell Tonal, (but I call it Wicked Stepmother).

Project #3 & #4: Lastly in the rotation are these two pairs of socks, which I’m knitting out of two different colors of my own hand-dyed yarn.


Top: Hermione’s Everyday Socks in SweetTreat (Wanderer Sock)

Bottom: Vanilla socks in Police Box (Essential Sock)

Both of these yarns are currently available in my Etsy shop as well, if you’re interested…but I wanted to see for myself how they knit up.  So far, I’m a fan.  🙂


Close up of Sweet Treat, Wanderer Sock (available on Etsy here)


Close up of Police Box, Essential Sock (available on Etsy here — PS: only one left in stock!!)

These photos actually portray SweetTreat as a little too “orange-ish”…it’s really a lighter blend of yellow, orange, and white.  Very Halloween-y.  🙂  These are going slowly right now, actually, because I’ve misplaced my circular sock needles…  But there are more on the way, so hopefully I can get these going again soon.

FO:  Last, but not least, I have a finished object to share!  Not knitting — but knitting related.


If you’re a fellow Disney maniac, you may just recognize these patterns….  

Welcome Foolish Mortals to the Haunted Mansion!  Mwahahaha!

For four months following my graduation from undergrad, before I headed off to grad school, I participated in the Disney College Program, and got the incredible honor of working at one of Walt Disney’s most classic attractions: The Haunted Mansion.  When I came across these Haunted Mansion fabrics on Spoonflower, I knew they must be mine.

So far, these have been sitting in my fabric stash waiting for the perfect project for over a year…but I finally decided it was time to make something.  So, what did I make?  A project bag, of course!  (Can’t have too many, amiright?)


This spooky bag utilizes fabric matching the “bats” wallpaper from the Haunted Mansion ride, and the green/black fabric of the Mansion Cast Member’s costumes.  Safe to say, I’m in love.

This one will not be listed in my Etsy shop, as I only had enough fabric for one…  But there are lots of others in my shop if this sparks your Halloween spirit!


Well, that’s all the projects I have to share today.  If I’m being honest…that’s not all the WIPs I have.  But I won’t bore you with the snoozer projects, and there may be a couple of design ideas going that I need to keep secret.  😉  

What are your current WIPs?






Shop Update and a SALE!

Well, we’ve made it.  Say it with me: three-day weekend!!  (Labor Day holiday in the US.)  What could be better than THREE WHOLE DAYS to knit, sew, sleep, go hiking, eat nachos, not wear real pants……whatever it is you like to do, here are three wonderful days to do it.  Even if you’re lucky enough to truly enjoy your day job, you have to admit that three day weekends are glorious.

SO…to celebrate this lovely weekend — the “official” ending of summer and launching into [my favorite season] autumn — TLMYC is having a sale!


I try not to “sell” my shop on here tooooooo much, but I couldn’t resist letting you all in on the fun.  🙂

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know about this already…but from now through Monday, Sept. 1, you can get 10% off your entire order by using the coupon code LABORDAY10.  

I’m especially excited to be having this promotion this weekend because I’ve been working hard for the past few weeks to get more of a variety of items in my shop.  Check ’em out:




This is a new color way that I call ‘Seaweed‘.  It’s dyed on my Wanderer Base (80/20 super wash merino/nylon, 2-ply fingering weight) and there are currently two (2) avaliable!  


This lovely color is the result of a new dyeing technique experiment — but I’m glad to say that the results are stunning!  It’s always a little difficult to tell what the result is going to be when the yarn and dye are steeping in the pot or pan.  This makes for some anxiety about unpleasant results sometimes…but when the big reveal looks like this, it’s a wonderful surprise!  🙂

Another exciting announcement is the addition of a new yarn base!  Meet my new sparkle base — Glitter Sock:

ExplodingTardisGlitter2 ExplodingTardisGlitter1

(Shown here dyed in the color way ‘Exploding TARDIS‘)

As you can tell, the shimmer of this yarn is slight…but it’s just enough to give your socks that little something *extra*.  Glitter Sock is similar in appearance to my Wanderer Sock base — 2-ply fingering with a lovely twist — but is a mix of 75/20/5 super wash merino/nylon/stellina.




(Glitter Sock in ‘Elsa‘ colorway)

Currently, only my ‘Exploding TARDIS‘ and ‘Elsa‘ colorways are avaliable in Glitter Sock…but I can’t wait to try out some other colors on this base as well!  Hmm….’Police Box‘ maybe?  🙂

In addition to the new colorways and yarn bases I’ve added, I’m also glad to say that TLMYC is (finally!) officially carrying project bags as well!





Happy Hooooo-loween


Ghosts & Jack’o’Lanterns




Happy Hoooo-loween: Tiny Owls

If you’re craving a little Halloween already — like I am — these bags are perfect for getting you in the spirit!   There are only Halloween bags listed currently, but there are many more to come, I can assure you.

Okay, that’s enough of a preview for now…  (Whew — why do I feel like I was just on an infomercial…  ha!)  Well, I hope you all enjoyed seeing what I’ve been working on lately.  I’ve been in such a creative place for the past couple of weeks, and I’ve been having the best time creating these new items!  🙂

Now I’m off to work on my newest project — Effortless Cardigan by Hannah Fettig.  (Oh, did I not mention?  : P  Pictures to come soon!)

What are you working on over this long weekend?



Crafting Dangerously


Allow me to make a quick introduction.  These skeins right here?  This is my new favorite color way of all time.  Oh, and did I mention, I DYED THEM.  I’m ridiculously proud of myself right now.  : P  These I created on a whim.  I was trying out some new dye colors I had just received, using a new dyeing technique, on a new yarn base.  And wouldn’t you know, it turned out like this.


Seriously, I’m in love.  You can probably tell by now that one of my favorite TV shows is the BBC’s Doctor Who.  (Did you see the Season 8 premiere??  YAY!)  If you watch the show, you will hopefully appreciate this color way as well.  This yarn is dyed to mimic Van Gogh’s “Exploding TARDIS” painting from Season 5.  (see below)

SOURCE (Exploding TARDIS Poster)

What do you think?  Currently, there are two of these listed in my Etsy shop, and more on the way!  Possibly in a sparkle base…  (spoilers!  😉 )  Also,  listeners of the Commuter Knitter Podcast keep a lookout — I just sent a skein of this to Jen for a podcast giveaway soon!

As excited as I am for these new skeins, this is only a portion of the crafting I’ve been doing over the past week.  For the past few days, I’ve been working away at — of all things — sewing!  I’ve always had a mild interest with sewing, but since I got back from Peru, I’ve been completely obsessed.  I’m at my sewing machine so much, my back is hurting from hunching over…I’m even dreaming about it!  I’m a woman inspired.



These preppy little bags are made from printed duck that I got at Hobby Lobby.  If you’re not a sewer, duck is thicker than regular fabric, and is good for more durable projects.  There’s also a small lining of fleece interfacing to give these some additional structure.  As you can see, I’ve made three sizes so far — sweater, shawl, and sock.  And they’re all currently in use.  🙂

Not only have I been working on “regular” everyday project bags, but I’ve churned out a few little seasonal projects as well…


I’ve heard before of the fabled enabling powers of Instagram, and now I am a believer!  After seeing other crafter’s posts of adorable Halloween projects bags and quilts, I could not rest until I made some for myself.  This bag is the first of the many Halloween projects I have made/hope to make over the next couple of weeks. ( I’ve also got a Halloween quilt in the works as well!)


Now that I’ve got some patterns and skills under my belt, I’m planning on adding some of these adorable project bags to my Etsy shop soon!  Keep an eye out if you’re interested!  🙂

Well, (thankfully) it doesn’t seem like my recent bout of creative inspiration is going anywhere anytime soon — and a new shipment of undyed yarn just came in!– soooooo back to the dye-pot and sewing machine I go!

What are you crafting on this week?


Creative Dabbling….and an Announcement!

Here’s a weird thing…I took two sock projects with me to Peru.  Both very simple, mindless knitting for planes and trains.  Due to travel complications and the fact that Peruvian airlines generally don’t allow knitting needles on flights, I didn’t actually knit on either of these projects much…but they were my only knitting for two whole weeks, (aka, representative of a very large part of my soul).  Naturally, being away from my stash, all I could think about knitting-wise was aaalllllll of the other things that I wanted to knit and how I had the yarn to knit them if I only had access to my stash.  Now that I’m back, however?  I’ve been knitting on those same two sock projects…  What gives?

Though my actual knitting leave much to be desired by way of creativity, my mind is currently buzzing with new pattern design ideas.  As you may have noticed from this post, I am beginning to dabble in the art of designing knitting patterns.  Since I got the hang of these silly sticks and string several years ago, I’ve been adjusting patterns to my liking, improvising designs, and musing about whether or not I could tackle being an actual, real-life knitwear designer.  I still don’t know if this will be my ultimate career, but I’ve decided to jump into the design pool by publishing a couple of my most recent pattern ideas.

The first one to be released will be my hat pattern design that I discussed in this post — the Garter/Moss Textured Hat.  Look for this one to be posted on Ravelry within the next week, (I hope!).  [In the meantime, you can find it here.]  A preview of my next pattern?


These socks — that I’m calling the “Impossible Girl Socks” as a nod to my favorite time-traveling BBC show (*cough* Doctor Who *cough*) — are a relatively simple mock-cable pattern to add a little twist to plain-Jane vanilla socks.  This first pair is knit with KnitPicks Stroll Tweed Sock Yarn, but the pattern would work well with any solid/semi-solid yarn.

This one will also be a free pattern, but will be a pdf for download instead of blog post.  I am working on the write-up currently and will hopefully be able to release it within the next couple of weeks.

In addition to these two patterns that are finished — or close to finished — I have a multitude of other ideas brewing.  Not all of these have made it past the brainstorming stage yet, but I’m definitely working in that direction.  I may just be a designer yet — stay tuned!  🙂  (Want more updates on projects in the works?  Follow me on Instagram!)

collage3In other news, five new color ways have been posted in my Etsy shop — Elsa, Ocean Depths, Burning Day, Antique Velvet, & Strawberry Fields (not pictured).  Check these out and let me know what you think!  I’ve been experimenting with new color ways for a while, and would like to know which ones should become regulars.  🙂


Additionally, a very special announcement for TheLittleMountYarnCo Etsy shop — a shipment of a new yarn base has arrived!  It’s an absolutely lovely 2-ply, 80/20 superwash merino/nylon blend that’s got a beautiful twist and is very squishy.  🙂  I’m calling this base Wanderer Sock.  I’m busy dyeing all weekend, so be looking for another Etsy update soon!

What are you crafting on this weekend?


Stitches Midwest 2013

NOTE: This is a scheduled post to be released while I am in Peru — I will be out of the country and unavailable until August 10th.  (Additionally, my Etsy shop will be in ‘vacation’ mode until I return.)  If you’d like to contact me, feel free to email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I am back Stateside!  Also, if you would like to see pictures and updates from my trip, follow me on Instagram: thelittlemountyarnco.  Talk to you soon!  🙂

It’s Stitches Midwest time — one of the most exciting weekends for knitters (and crocheters!) in the middle United States!

As I make my way back from my Peruvian adventure, I can’t help but think about all of the wooly excitement taking place in Chicago this weekend.  I’ve only been to a Stitches conference once — Stitches Midwest 2013 — but I had the time of my life & cannot wait to go again!  (Anyone going to Stitches East this fall?)  So, as a small way to join in the Stitches fun this year, here is my re-cap from last year’s conference:

In August of last year, my sister and I road-tripped the seven hours up to Chicago to visit one of her friends.  While we were there, (at my insistence), we made the trek out to Schaumberg to the Stitches Midwest Conference.




Though we were only there for one day and only got to experience the Marketplace, we were in wooly heaven and had the best time roaming around the floor.  Not surprisingly, I came away with quite a haul…


Included in this haul is:

Okay, so maybe I went a little overboard…but if you’ve ever been to a Stitches Conference, I think you’ll understand.  : P  And I only got to go to the Marketplace!  No classes, no fashion show, no pajama party…talk about tip of the iceberg!  Next time, I’m definitely committing to the entire weekend.

So, happy knitting (and crocheting!) to all those participating in Stitches Midwest this year!  If you haven’t been to Stitches before, I highly suggest you try and make it there at least once.  It’s definitely an experience you do not want to miss!  🙂

Have you ever been to Stitches?